ILLUMINUS BOSTON is a free festival founded in 2014 by Executive Director Jeff Grantz. This nighttime celebration features large-scale light and projection installations, with immersive sound, multimedia and performing arts experiences, both curated and spontaneous. ILLUMINUS BOSTON is a demonstration of how community is built through interactions with arts and culture and how this in turn creates the foundation for a thriving and dynamic city.

With the common goals of creating opportunities for artists and producing unique public experiences, luminArtz has partnered with ILLUMINUS BOSTON to present ILLUMINUS BOSTON 2017, November 3,4 in Boston's Downtown Business Improvement District.

"Ovation" by Heather Kapplow & Liz Nofziger 

"Flux Perception" by Nada Tarkhan & Aman Singhv 

"ARTHUB" light installation

All photos of ILLUMINUS Festival courtesy of Aram Boghosian Photography