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Bringing Art to Light


Using buildings as canvas and technology as paint, LuminArtz tells your story in a way that is immersive and engaging to audiences of all ages and interests. Our artists, designers, technologists, producers and event planners transform everyday surfaces into displays limited only by imagination.

We create performance spaces that blur the line between art and technology, spectator and participant, curated and spontaneous, intimate and rauckus, light and dark. From swimming whales, dancing poetry and old steam engines, we have lit up historic buildings, everyday facades and iconic sculptures to capture and project the unique stories of the past, present and future.

We reimagine our world with experiential art that uses large-scale lighting and sound displays to transcend our sense of place. Engaging all the senses, we project new messaging opportunities that engage your audiences with immersive experiences and create long lasting memories. Bringing art to light.

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Collaborating with Artists and the Community


LuminArtz’s mission is to inspire and connect diverse audiences using a seamless fusion of art and technology. In collaboration with regional artists, we engage people of all ages in unforgettable and immersive ways to bring light to the power of art.

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luminartz home

luminartz home

Use Sound and Light to Tell Your Story

Corporate Experiences & Events

Using your building as the canvas, our visual artists use the time tested art form of sound and light to tell your story, entertain audiences and light up the night. Indoor, outdoor, live, permanent or pop-up events, we have the experience and resources to bring your imagination to light. From special events, conferences, concerts even construction sites, our team fuses art, soundscapes and digital wizardry to transform physical spaces into spectacular, live light experiences that thrill & inspire.

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Celebrating Local History and Communities

Non-Profit Projects

For two decades, LuminArtz has championed public art that celebrates local history and communities. We work with non-profits, cities and towns to integrate arts, culture and creativity to inspire and unite communities. Our vision is to create positive displays in communities through shared experiences that engage the public and make a profound impact on everyone. Using cities and towns as the backdrop, we transform everyday locations using interactive light projections, immersive sound, art installations and live performances. With our non-profit partners we create dazzling events that provide accessible opportunities for local residents and regional artists.

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