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LuminArtz highlights local & regional artists who create innovative experiences that engage, educate & inspire, highlighting the historical aspects of each city.

$ 200000 +

Paid to Artists

$ 1000000 +

Spent on projects

LuminArtz believes in making art happen beyond daylight hours and museums. Our nighttime arts festivals transform urban spaces using interactive light projections, immersive sound, art installations and live performances.

Using cities and towns as the backdrop, LuminArtz creates collaborative, performance spaces that highlight the cultural and historical aspects of each city. Collaborating with local artists, businesses and the community, we transform streetscapes into vibrant installations that blur the line between spectators and participants, curated and spontaneous, intimate and raucous, light and dark.

Our events are family-friendly and engage the public with art, culture and creativity. Our vision is to create a sustained impact on the collective culture of your city with public engagement at the crossroads between art and culture. LuminArtz curates artists for art installations; we believe we balance public engagement with personal exploration to creative immersive experiences and memories through large-scale light and projection installations.

Working across all sectors and demographics, LuminArtz strengthens communities and has a significant financial impact on the area’s artists and businesses. We also inform and advise public and private sectors on their projects from the creation of partnerships to the secure planning and delivery of each installation.


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