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The World is Your Canvas

Using buildings as canvas and technology as paint, LuminArtz tells your story in a way that is immersive and engaging to audiences of all ages and interests. Our artists, designers, technologists, producers and event planners transform everyday surfaces into displays limited only by imagination.

We create performance spaces that blur the line between art and technology, spectator and participant, curated and spontaneous, intimate and rauckus, light and dark. From swimming whales, and dancing poetry to old steam engines, we have lit up historic buildings, everyday facades and iconic sculptures to capture and project the unique stories of the past, present and future.

We reimagine our world with experiential art that uses large-scale lighting and sound displays to transcend our sense of place. Engaging all the senses, we project new messaging opportunities that engage your audiences with immersive experiences and create long lasting memories. We bring art to light!

- Lyn Burke - LuminArtz Director

Lyn was approached by Vivid Sydney curator, Anthony Bastic in 2014 to help him produce a nighttime light festival in Boston. Together they raised $300,000 and showcased Anthony’s work as well as the considerable local talent in technology and arts on the façade of the Boston Public Library.

This experience became the genesis for LuminArtz. In 2015, LuminArtz established a partnership with the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District to share their collective resources and expertise to promote the efforts of local and regional artists, designers, businesses and communities. The result of this collaborations was the ILLUMINUS festival, a night-time contemporary arts festival in Downtown Boston and the Boston’s Financial District.

LuminArtz has developed light installations for the Worcester Art Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, New Balance, The Chestnut Hill Showcase Super Lux and The Festival of Lights in Worcester. From special events, conferences, concerts even construction sites, our team expertly fuses art, soundscapes and digital wizardry to transform physical spaces into spectacular, live light experiences that thrill and inspire. We are lighting up the Commonwealth!

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