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We provide funding and a platform to artists and creatives that use their talents to contribute to the public good. LuminArtz continues to open doors to new opportunities for many emerging artists.

$ 200000 +

Paid to Artists

$ 1000000 +

Spent on projects

Can I propose more than one project?
Yes, we will be happy to review more than one project but ask that you limit your proposals to a maximum of three project ideas.

Will I have access to electricity?
Yes, we will handle power and can provide electricity anywhere on the festival site.

Can I propose different versions of the same project?
Absolutely! We encourage artists to consider proposing scalable alternatives for projects, whenever possible. We are seeking a range of scales-from small and engrossing installations to epic, building-size spectacles. Feel free to propose a version of your project that could be easily installed with little support, alongside the large-scale version of your wildest dreams.

If my proposed site is unavailable, can I still participate?
Occasionally projects are chosen for sites other than the primary site proposed. Please indicate the degree of specificity with which you have designed your project for its chosen site and include a few alternate options, if appropriate.

What is the procedure after the due date?
In many cases, we will have specific questions about your proposal and may ask to schedule a brief interview or tour of the event site.

Is there a standard format or duration for projects?
No, we are completely open to works of different mediums, disciplines, and durations. Artists can propose a piece that is performed in less than a minute, projections that run continuously for 6 hours, digital content that exists only online or as a mobile app, or a long-term project for which presentation at LuminArtz is just one step in its development.

How did LuminArtz come to be?
LuminArtz was founded with the mission to highlight the cultural and historical aspects of cities and towns through light and technology based public art. We give artists a platform to showcase their most creative and innovative work.


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