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By presenting ideas through artistic representations, LuminArtz projects can help to transform the way people think about important issues.

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The celebration of lights has a long history, dating back to the 1850's when the city of Lyon in France created a Festival of Lights using candles in colored glass jars. In 1989, the city of Helsinki expanded the idea by promoting the Nuits Blanche or “bringing alive the night” movement.

Today, more than 120 cities celebrate nocturnal light festivals. As lighting has become more sophisticated, so too have the installations-- creating magnificent, nocturnal landscapes. These illuminating celebrations come to light for only a few days as featured artists light up buildings, streets, squares and other urban areas for public enjoyment.

Founded as a non-profit in 2015, LuminArtz believes cities thrive when arts and culture are integrated into all aspects of civic life. Integrating arts, culture and creativity into the public realm and urban environment inspires and unites our communities. Recognizing and supporting local artists is critical. So is mobilizing likely and unlikely partners to collaborate across institutions and sectors. We are dedicated to creating the events that bring us together with shared experiences that make a significant and positive impact for the arts and cultural communities. Light installations and festivals are the way we make this happen.

We identify, support and increase many cross-sector alliances that expand the arts culture and help our communities thrive. LuminArtz brings expertise in design, event planning, production and government relations (including the development and implementation of information strategies) and grant making to make our artists’ visions your realities. We bring individuals, companies and artists together for discovery, learning and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who experience them.



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